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I am very pleased to announce that my new CD, ‘Views From the Gramper Van’ is now complete and should be ready in the next few weeks.  As ever I am very grateful to a number of people for their time and expertise.  Chris Hunter has been so helpful with his voice, vocal arrangements and insightful and honest comments and advice.  Also thanks to Sean Marshall for his drumming and help with a number of the arrangements.  I am also grateful for Sara Moss providing lead vocals on Storylines.  Desmond James, Rosie Hunter and Ed Moss have also made important contributions.

The artwork was proving a problem until Dan stepped in to ensure it has been done properly with his IT expertise.

I am also grateful to Croydon Folk Club, especially Brian & Les, for their support and for enabling me to launch the album on 9th April.


We are now quite well settled in our new home in Ambleside, although the new Studyo is still to be properly sorted.

I have tried some open mics nearby and have been made to feel welcome, especially at The Unicorn Inn with Mik Mead.  As a result I am appearing in the Ambleside Charity Folk Weekend on 15th September.

I am looking forward to develop further links and establishing more links with local musicians and to start recording again.

I hope that old friends will continue to visit and collaborate.


The start of a New Year, with new projects and ideas.  Looking forward to working with Desmond James on the new songs.  I supported Mik Mead at the Unicorn last Saturday and very much enjoyed it and hope it will be the first of many collaborations.

I am also very pleased that the Throwbacks will be playing again at Laura's 30th party in Kettering at the end of March.

Looking forward to being part of the Ableside Charity Folk Festival in February again.  Raising money for the AirAmbulance and the Search & Rescue Dogs.




Sorry to have been quiet for a while, but I haven't been idling away the time.  I have been busy working on the new album, with great contributions from Mike Willoughby and Desi James, both much appreciated.  I am also very pleased that Steve Wyburn has kindly agreed to do the artwork for the new CD.  I have also been helping Mik Mead to record a new CD, which has been very enjoyable.

There have been a few gigs at the Unicorn with Mik Mead as well as the open mic sessions, all of which have been fun.  There are a few gigs coming up and it would be great to see you if you can make it.



It has been a busy time with gigs and lots of people visiting, which has been great.  Although it has meant I haven't been able to make as much progress with the writing and recording as I had hoped.  Very much enjoyed the recent gigs; the Ambleside Charity Folk Festival was good, especially the Saturday night at the Unicorn.  It was good to meet and support Geoff Lakeman and he gave an impressive performance at the Sticklebarn.  Further gigs playing guitar with Mik Mead have been really good fun. Looking forward to playing with the the Throwbacks again and it will great to have Fred Chevalier with us again.