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Thicker Than Water

Nick Marshall

1     It Doesn’t Matter

2     Someone Like You

3     Who Knows?

4     Bright Eyed Boy

5     This is the Time

6     Horace’s Bench

7     The Girl from Isleham Fen

8     Letting Go

9     What Would you do?

10     Saxon’s Rag

11     Layers of Love

12     Come the Night

13     Centre Stage

14     It Doesn’t Matter (Reprise)

15     Still Swimming


Produced by Nick Marshall at the Studyo Croydon.

All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited

PORSEAN RECORDS 2015 © Nick Marshall PRS/MCPS 

Not another bloody album this is

The Final Straw

Nick Marshall


Final Straw

Feel the Weight

Winter’s Come

Best I Can

Heart of the Valley

Goodnight James

Top Banana

Which Way Home

Hypochondriac Blues

At the End of the Day

Slipping Away

Shake Hands & Get Back to War


All songs written by Nick Marshall

Produced by Nick Marshall at the Studyo, Croydon.

PORSEAN RECORDS 002 2016 © Nick Marshall PRS/MCPS



New Album  Locked Down; songs written during lock down earlier this year.  All profits to the APC community Fund.  Image coming soon

nickmarshall01_edited-1 nickmarshall02



Lost For Words......


Helm Crag, Spetember Sun

Bitter Bopping

Colwith After Rain

Cathedral Cave

Another Storm                              Produced by

OwenBowen                                 Nick Marshall

Scandale in Mist                           at The Studyo, Cumbria.

Lakeland Blues                             C 2020 PRS/MCPS

Snow on Wansfell

The Greeting Given

Fishgarths Bluebells

The Climb

Leaving Langdale

Lost for Words_Cover